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A feel-good local podcast recording studio in Mount Laurel, NJ.

Bringing Podcast and Other Media Series To Your Community

Imagine a podcast highlighting a new restaurant that just popped up in the neighborhood or a YouTube video showcasing the re-designed kids’ playground near your home.

Towncast Studios is where community meets creativity. Using our wide variety of audio and visual services, equipment, and expertise, we can help turn your artistic dreams into reality - and much sooner than you think! Book a 60-minute studio session and start Towncasting today!

the recording room with tables and microphones

Studio Services for Everyone

We strive to offer a wide-range of recording services, specially curated by our owner, Mathew Passy. Better known as The Podcast Consultant. Mathew has over 18 years of broadcasting and podcasting experience. He's created a modern and professional space for all your audio/visual needs.

Our state-of-the-art equipment at Towncast Studios, and expert guidance, provide everything you need to launch, produce, and grow your content or get featured on other podcasts, videocasts, or broadcast entities (without any hassle or strings attached).

Podcast Recording

For podcast series of every genre

Video Recording

Give your audience more choice

Webinar Services

No distractions nor disturbances

Presentation Services

A quiet, private place to present

Pro Media Appearances

Look your best in front of any audience

Narration Services

Add impact to your storytelling

Creating Podcast and Video Series for Every Community

Our mission is simple: offer brands and individuals a space to launch new shows with a focus on the local community and beyond, with professional results every time. We have the right studio equipment and access to online services so you can reach your target audience where they are. We’re collaborating with experts in all aspects of digital content creation to prepare you to succeed.

Whether you are recording alone, connecting with remote participants, or need to make the right impression with that guest, our facilities in South Jersey are easily accessible and reliable.

the towncast studios recording room, outfitted with a table, 4 chairs, microphones, and headphones

Whatever You Need, We Have It

Beyond podcast recording and video streaming, Towncast offers a wide array of multimedia services in a sound-treated, professional environment that will make your look and sound stand out. Whether it’s your next Zoom call, webinar, conference presentation, or that upcoming appearance on TV, Towncast Studios has you covered.

Our 5-Star Service

Beyond Recording

Our facilities aren't just for recording. You'll have access to top professionals to help you improve in all aspects of your venture.

Guests Welcome

Whether a friendly chat or a heated debate, our podcast studio equipment is designed for 1-4 guests at any one time.

Book In Advance

We understand how busy your day-to-day is, which is why our online calendar lets you select a day and time in advance.

High-End Equipment

The secret to making listeners want to keep tuning in? Pristine audio, super-HD video, and unwavering support.

Video & Audio

Stream it, save it, and/or take it with you. What you record you get access to in high-quality files.

Meet The Team

The Owner

Mathew Passy

Towncast Studios may be a relatively new space in Mount Laurel, NJ, but Mathew – aka The Podcast Consultant – is a seasoned expert in the podcasting arena.

He launched his first podcast at New Jersey 101.5 FM back in 2007, and then spent nearly eight years doing podcast production for The Wall Street journal. Since then, Mathew has gone on to launch and produce critically acclaimed shows like Invest Like the Best, The Peter Attia Drive, Animal Spirits, The Investopedia Express, and more. He also hosts Causepods and Podcast Me Anything.

Mathew is always ready to share pearls of wisdom he has collected along the way, supporting clients to elevate their podcast series and engage more listeners than ever before.

the owner and CEO, Mathew Passy

The Engineer

Joe Gangemi

the on-site engineer - Joe Gangemi

When you walk into Towncast Studios, you may see a man setting up cameras and microphones, adjusting lighting, or hard at work on some post-production. Don’t be alarmed - It’s just Towncast Joe!

As chief studio engineer at Towncast Studios, Joe Gangemi’s role (and passion) is to help customers look, sound, and feel their best - first, by setting the studio for optimal recording, and then by engineering and producing behind the glass.

With specialties in recording techniques, engineering, and pre and post-production, Joe is ready and able to assist you from the earliest stages of recording all the way through to putting the finishing touches on your product.

Our Support Doesn't Stop At The Studio

the podcast consultant microphone

Towncast Studios is led by Mathew Passy, also known as The Podcast Consultant. His team of 15+ production, editing, distribution, and marketing experts are also on hand to take that recording and help you turn it into something huge. Whether your audience is South Jersey or around the world. Recording and streaming are just the beginning.

Get Started Today

Podcast Recording

We can help clients host and guest on podcast shows of every genre and topic, from investigating mysterious crimes to discussing the upcoming Superbowl

an overhead view of the recording room, outfitted with tables, chairs, and microphones
high-quality microphones

Video Recording

Want to let audience members decide between watching and listening to podcast episodes? No problem – we have a range of equipment for that!

Webinar Services

Hybrid working is the future, and webinars play a role in making it happen. Let our studio remove all distractions so that you can host your best one yet.

a video call, with a viewing monitor in sight
a group presentation

Presentation Services

What better way to impress your employer than an excellent presentation? Enjoy the peace and quiet of our studio, followed by the praise of your boss.

Narration Services

Recording audiobooks, documentaries, and voice overs in our podcast studio setup is ideal for disturbance-free narration sessions.

a voice-over artist
an interview being recorded over webcam

Pro Media Appearances

Whether you were asked to be a guest on your favorite podcast or need to look good for that live TV-hit, we’ve got you covered with HD Audio and Video.

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